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So whenever I happily gaze upon the hillsides along Seaway Drive that are bursting this time of year with daffodils and some tulips, I know that my appreciation of those blooms started with my mom.Or when I steer my car to Pere Marquette Park for a mind-cleansing Lake Michigan vista, it’s because I came to know through my mother how grounding simply being near a body of water can be; her peace is her pond.It is fun to see how she roots for Chloe, or the mother robin who has set up a nest in the arborvitae right next to their front door. She studies and deeply identifies with their nurturing and protectiveness. No matter the species, they’re all mothers who worry about their young; she sort of bonds with them on their maternal instincts.And she has a special affinity for the hosta planted around the shed, as they are offshoots of what was once in her mother’s rock garden. The plants subsequently have thrived in my mother’s yards through various moves for 42 years. She needs to divide the hosta this year, and it seems only right that I carry it on in my garden for the next generation.

There would be a kind of symmetry to that. Don’t be alarmed if you see people snatching eggs from Canada geese nests this weekend around various parts of southeast Michigan.The egg-pickers are operating under special permit from the state Department of Natural Resources as part of an ongoing program to relieve human-goose conflicts in certain metropolitan areas where the birds have become a growing nuisance and even a public health hazard.That’s a far cry from the situation in 1918, when the giant Canada goose was thought to be virtually extinct, with only a remnant population left in Minnesota and North Dakota.The birds were reintroduced to Michigan in 1972. By 2007, the DNR estimated the state had a population of 218,850 giant Canada geese, more than 80 percent of them in southern Michigan.

Two teenagers from Dexter pled guilty to animal cruelty after admittedly throwing stones at a pair of mated Canada geese, resulting in the death of the male goose.According to information from a Humane Society of Huron Valley’s investigation, the incident occurred on April 13. The boys received a deferred sentence with six months of probation and mandatory community service.”The two boys, who happen to be baseball players, admitted to throwing rocks at a pair of Canada geese,” Michele Baxter, the HSHV cruelty investigator, said in a statement.