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After two weeks of elevated bacteria levels at the village park’s bathing beach, last Friday village workers fenced off the beach to keep the geese away.But the problem of high E. Coli counts at Sunset Park Beach persists this week, according to the latest Kalamazoo Canada Goose quebec County Health Department sampling announced Tuesday, June 28.”It’s going to be closed for at least another month,” predicted Ken Schippers, village manager and public works director for the village of Vicksburg.” We’ve got goose poo to put it nicely.”He said workers counted 54 Canada geese at the park last week, with some ducks, too. They leave during the day, but return to the lakeside each night. “They sleep, eat, poo, say ‘thank you’ and leave,” Schippers said.

The larger-than-usual number of geese, combined with warmer-than-usual water temperatures, has contributed to the problem, he said.Removing the geese, relocating them to a game area, has been one proposed solution, he said, but its effectiveness is no sure thing. “I’ve heard if you do that they will beat you back to the lake,” he said.He said the sampling will be repeated Wednesday, and if reading are still high, the county health department will join him for more comprehensive sampling at points around the lake to see if the contamination may have a different source.Meanwhile, the beach will remain closed, Schippers said, Canada Goose quebec in spite of the complaining calls he has gotten.”I’ve got a conscience,” he said. “I can’t let some some little kid get in there and get sick. ”

Canada Goose quebec Figuratively but not literally, the geese will be cooked at the Sunset Lake Beach in Vicksburg this season.After having to close the beach last summer a few times, village officials have stepped up efforts to get rid of the Canada geese whose droppings lifted E.coli levels above acceptable levels.Gooseworks LLC out of Livonia has been hired to work with the village on preventing a recurrence of the contamination that closed the beach to bathers. The village expects to work with them for at least three years.Vicksburg Village Manger Jim Mallery said that the beach is now open but a temporary anti-goose fence has been installed along the shoreline to prevent the feathered fiends from entering the beach area.