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In addition, Weinrich writes that homosexual and heterosexual men don’t differ much in abilities more commonly found in men than in women, such as visual-spatial skills, but they do tend to differ in occupational interests. woolrich Canada Goose Gay men tend to be aesthetically inclined and like designing things, whereas straight men tend to have what he calls stereotypically masculine interests like “building, hammering, and sawing.” As we moved from hunting and gathering to agriculture and subsequent societal developments, the number of different jobs would increase and it was important to have enough people interested in different occupations. If it was beneficial for society to have men with interests more typically found in women, then natural selection would have kept these individuals in the gene pool.

Dr. Ray Blanchard, Head of Clinical Sexology Services at the woolrich Canada Goose Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, conducts birth order research on male homosexuality. His findings suggest that the fetal environment may play a role in shaping sexual orientation for some gay men. After having studied homosexual and heterosexual men from England, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States, he and his colleagues have found a link between male sexual orientation and the number of older brothers in the family. The more older brothers a man has, the higher the likelihood that he may be gay.

woolrich Canada Goose And he proposes a possible biological explanation for why this may be the case. There is a group of substances called H-Y antigens on the cell surfaces of male, but not female, fetuses. Sometimes, these H-Y antigens get into the mother’s circulation, and her immune system reacts by producing antibodies, which accumulate in her system with each succeeding male offspring.The more of these antibodies the male fetus is exposed to, the more likely that his brain will develop in a pattern that is not typical of heterosexual males. This is why later born males with several older brothers are more likely to be gay than, say, males who are the oldest in their family.